Access by Car

Kanetsu Expressway "Numata IC" → Kawaba Village
Approx. 10 mins in the direction of Denen Plaza KawabDenen Plaza

Please drive carefully if coming by car!

KawabDenen Plaza
385 Hagimuro, Kawaba Village, Tone District, Gunma Prefecture, 378-0111

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Parking Lot Map

There are replete parking lots all around the Denen Plaza with capacity for a total of approx. 853 vehicles

Large buses should park in P3. If full, use P4, P5, or P7.
P6 and P7 are conveniently located for access to Seiryu Park.
Each parking lot, from P1 to P7, is located at a similar distance from the center of Denen Plaza.

Access by Train

Joestu Shinkansen

From Jomo-Kogen Station

Take a taxi, approx.30min

JR Joetsu Line

From Numata Station

Use Kawaba Circular Bus, approx. 30min

Denen Plaza is 1 minute on foot after alighting at the "Denen Plaza" bus stop.

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